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Decades have passed since the Climate Change debate began and a lot of precious time has elapsed dithering about should anything be done? When? If so, how much? By whom? 

The answer is actually very simple. Yes. Yesterday. As much. By everyone. 

Yet, common intent is not sufficient without combined skill-sets, shared experiences and seamless participation. This has ended up becoming as great a barrier for adoption of Carbon Neutral practices as the debate itself. 

Since the enormity of the visible risk is so high, it probably becomes simplest to pass the buck citing inability to participate in a labyrinthian web of obfuscation. Especially since the participation is Voluntary. 

Not any further. NettZero provides custom-made, easy to deploy solutions that are born from years of honing the right strategies. The result is a suite of solutions that are based on years of hands-on participation in the climate change effort. Fighting climate change may be Voluntary on paper - but, it has never been more Socially Mandatory.

Where do we begin?

This is a bonafide and primary stumbling block to most institutions seeking to mitigate Climate Change and get set in the Race To Zero. 

NettZero understands the whole value chain & the ecosystem - customising solutions that keep you at the center of the scale. From toddlers testing future waters to pioneers that need to accelerate pace for covering Scope 1, 2 & 3 grounds, our Advisors integrate with your vision (or shape it) and provided best in class impact for your efforts. 

I'd love to, but who has the time?

NettZero does. This is not an individual sprint, it's a medley relay. 

Different institutions have different appetites and staminas, since Carbon Neutrality is not their primary problem to solve. Larger, more unpredictable and devastating uncertainties are forcing most organisations to solve issues more fundamental to their intrinsic raison-de-etre. We respect that. For NettZero, Carbon Neutrality IS the reason to exist - hence we invest all our time, effort and energies in further strengthening the science of this nascent discipline. And apply it for your unique vision.  

Is it expensive?

Yes. If one looks at the actual impact & cost of Climate Change and what it could be when "Carbon Taxes" become the norm.

No. If you look at how simple it is to implement effective measures. 

In many scenarios, Climate Change Economics (or gCommerce) is also an astute fiscal strategy that can not only help institutions migrate to sustainable business processes, but also future-proof their organisations. 

Is it measurable?

Absolutely. And across multiple, demonstrable impact criteria. 

The performance and actions of sustainable practices can be measured in environmental factors (through registry affiliated projects that work across various human development indices).

Prudence of actions, in commercial terms, can be tracked through Emission Trading Protocols, which comply with the latest standards for processes & scrutiny.

Does Zero intersect with my business?

At the broadest levels, Climate Change impacts every business - due to the sheer magnitude and cascading effect.

At the granular, it also has now begun to intersect with the groundswell. Environmental obligation is not a subject that pervades through policy or board-room discussions. The Race to Zero is now embraced by aware & empowered individuals who are vocal about organisational oversights. This makes it essential for every business to be cognisant.

Why NettZero?

We don't say NettZero is the best or any such sales pitch superlative. By all means, engage any other partner or advisor that meets your standards, expectations, economics and other key criteria - such as ISO compliances, ESG reporting, Multi-registry empanelment, Multi-GHG currency issuance & management, Validated Emission Calculators and decades of experience.

Our messaging is intended to advise that should you be still looking for a reliable partner to navigate the Race to Zero, NettZero is here.

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