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About Us

The team at NettZero has over a century's worth of collective experience as Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Advisors and Consultants.

Since the mid 1990's, we have worked with some of the most reputed global consulting firms and helped billion dollar organisations navigate through emerging complexities - from brand development and digital transformation to 21st century compliances.

NettZero is born from nearly two decades of work in the environmental & sustainability management sector - a journey that saw us work with the pioneers of climate change reversal. 

We cover the entire gamut of tools required to create a robust infrastructure & institutional processes that a sustainable business needs. Racing towards Zero at 299 792 458 m / s. 

The Spectrum

NettZero approaches solutions from the top-down - by working with the largest institutions that need to adopt sustainable practices from a  Compliances or Voluntary standpoint. As  also from the bottom up - by bringing in the unorganised  into the measurable ecosystem. 

The Race to Zero is multi-directional.

A Baton

The climate threat is a singular reality. The dust over that dispute has long settled.

However, the ecosystem to mitigate it is fragmented and not concerted in effort.

The entire chain that constitutes the problem and the solution is disjointed in structure, despite being unified in purpose and intent. 

NettZero brings a very diverse, yet umbilically connected range of Consultants and Advisors that work with the unique requirement of every stake-holder headed towards Nett Neutrality. If the Race to Zero is the relay, NettZero is the baton.

Team NettZero

Gautam Shiknis


Varun Hooja


Sanat Hooja


Manoj Vyas

Emission Trade

Vidhi Gaur

GHG Audit

Our Outlook

Practice what you preach and lead by example are two core values that we at NettZero believe in. 

Our founding team is deeply entrenched in personal activities that include afforestation, rural development and personal lifestyle values that embrace a truly sustainable way of being.

Within the organization we strive to be carbon neutral by minimising our emissions across little things such as which fonts are the most environmentally friendly to planting trees for the emissions that our digital activities, such as emails, generate. 

The tree covers currently are located in The Western Ghats of Maharashtra and The Garwhal Range of the Himalayas. Here are some pictures:

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