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Pick what suits you

Each organization is dealing with Sustainability Challenges in their own, unique way. While some may require exhaustive compliances and reporting for mandatory ESG processes, others may just want to measure and offset their emissions on a Voluntary basis. NettZero's various modules allow you to pick and choose solutions that pivot around you. From Scope 1, 2 & 3 processes, to CDM empanelling, Carbon Neutral Certifications, ESG, ISO 14001/ 17021 compliances and GHG trading - NettZero covers you across the entire sustainability spectrum. 

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Race to Zero

The dash to sustainability is on. Yet, this race is not a sprint. It is a "decade-athalon". Which is where NettZero comes in. To monitor your vitals and boost carbon health for the long road ahead. Here are some symptoms we help diagnose, demystify and improve. With deep understanding & expertise in each.

  • Carbon Neutrality Audit & Certification

  • ESG Reporting & MIS 

  • Project Validation & Verification

  • Carbon Credits Creation & Trading

Please get in touch with our team of advisors for custom-built strategies & products. Or scroll to know more.

Our Scope

 NettZero is an Integrated Consulting & Advisory that works with leading organisations to realise their sustainability and environmental ambitions. Our uniqueness lies in the combination of expertise, sophisticated technology platforms and professional partnerships with leaders in the sector. Discover how NettZero can help you adopt custom-made, effective and scalable sustainability practices. While also creating enormous  and visible socio-economic impact.

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Your Goals.

Our Tools.

Which processes to follow?

Which registry to work with?

What is the optimal price for offsets?

What verifications, validations & certifications are required?

How does Carbon Neutrality integrate with business?

Where is the actual Impact of involvement?

How to develop, verify & register clean energy projects?

NettZero provides you with best-in-class solutions to these and more. 

1. Compliances

Various standards, processes and certifications constitute the Compliances mandates. 

With NettZero, you are assured of adopting tools and processes that are the most suitable for your institution's needs and stand global scrutiny. ESG made easy. 

2. Offsets

As the voluntary and compliance related offset systems mature, expertise in understanding the nuances of VCS, CAR, CER, ACR, GS and others becomes a mission critical asset. NettZero helps you Create and Offset Credits seamlessly.

3. Voluntary Strategies 

Voluntary participants in the carbon neutrality race are likely to benefit the most from early adoption and low learning costs. Making institutions future-proof before "Carbon Tax" regimes will become the normal. NettZero understands value and delivers it at the best possible commercials.

4. Tech First Advisory

Technology is at the forefront of driving Climate Action. At NettZero we work with the most sophisticated of tech to measure, report, document and trade within the ecosystem. Whether it be blockchain based ledgers or AI powered futures - it's all within our spectrum. 

Get Carbon Neutral with Ease

1. Measure

Our robust & intuitive emissions measurement platform makes calculating your carbon footprint simple and accurate - in line with globally mandated standards like GRI, EPA & GHG protocols.

2. Evaluate

We provide your sustainability team with multiple methodologies with which you can assess your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and then develop strategies to monitor and reduce. In real time. 

3. Offset

Our expertise lies in providing you deep impact and high relevance projects through which you can offset your emissions to achieve neutrality, at most effective trading rates across multiple global registries.

Featured Projects

Machan Resorts LLP

Creating India's first Carbon Neutral Resort 

Indian Premier League

Measuring the carbon footprint of the world's largest cricketing event

Paddy Methane Mitigation

Fundamental Research on how to sequester methane in one of the world's largest riceland 

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